Plug wireing


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Plug wireing

Can someone tell me how to wire up a middle of the run 2 gang box with 2 outlets in it. I had a single outlet with 2 plugs, i have added a 2 gang box with 2 outlets for a total of 4 outlets. Hope this makes sense. Thanks
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Cant be sure till you tell us an inventory of the wires coming into the box. Was the outlet controlled by a switch originally? Are there any red wires in the box? Give us a description of the wiring in the box.
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Assuming nothing special like switches or multi wire circuits, you connect the black wire(s) to the gold screws, the white wire(s) to the silver screws and the ground wires to the ground screws and to the metal box.

You will need pigtails to connect the grounds and short pieces of wire to go from one receptacle to the next for the hot and neutral wires.
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Envision in your mind that this double-gang box is really two single-gang boxes with a length of Romex between them. You pretty much wire it up the same way except instead of the Romex, you use some short lengths of black and white wires without the outer sheathing.

The main difference then is how you handle the grounding wires. Just use a wire nut to connect the incoming grounding wire to the outgoing grounding wire, and to two pigtail grounding wires. Then connect the other end of each pigtail to a green screw on a receptacle.
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I never thought to think of it as 2 single boxes, that makes perfect sense.
Thanks alot guys.

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