installing another switch


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installing another switch

I recently placed a wall in my basment to divide the area into two rooms. But the origional switch controlls all of the lights. how can i add a swtich or divide the lights into two different switches?
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How many cables enter the existing switch box?

Did you sheetrock the new wall yet?
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the wall is finised. But the wires are all exposed in the ceiling, since the basement was not completely finised yet. I am not sure how many wires are running into thwe current switch.
I can see and locate the wires that i want to place on a new switch. but am not sure how to do that.
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The first question that Thinman asked is very simple, and we still need the answer. Shut off the breaker, gently pull the existing switch out of the box without disconnecting any wires, and tell us everything you see.
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Here's what you need to determine.

Does the power enter at the switch, and then proceed to one of the lights, or does the power enter one of the lights and then make a loop to the switch?

Ultimately you need to separate the lights into two groups running power to the new group either through the new switch box or making a switch loop to the new switch box.

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