Light dimmer question


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Light dimmer question

Here's the problem, I'm wanting to install two light dimmers in our church. On in the auditorium and one upstairs in the balconey. I need them to be completely independent, so if I am in the auditorium I can fully dim the lights, or if the fellow up stairs needs to dim the lights (eg during a play) he can independently do so. These are incandecant lights.
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If you were doing this in your house, there would be no problem. But unless you are a licensed electrician, you should not (and cannot legally) do electrical work in your church.

Unless this is new construction, a remote wireless dimmer is probably going to be the simplest answer. A big factor in the design is the amount of wattage to be controlled, so figure that out before you do anything.
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Heed John's warning.

Unless you are licensed as an electrician, do not do this. You are risking far too much by doing any work of this sort.

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