Remodeling the family room.


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Remodeling the family room.

I am in the middle of remodeling my family room and bathroom. Last week I took out the bathroom wall and the closet and shower that were in that area. During that removal I turned off the circuit at the panel. On the electrical side of things from the main panel there was a black cable that ran to the switch that had the three wires. From there a white cable ran to the lights in the family room. There was also another cable that came from the switch and went into the shower area that went to a switch and then went to a light fixture. There was also another black wire coming out of that switch and powered the outlets around the family room.

The new wall is installed and I want to reinstall the switch for the family room and two new outlets on the new wall and reconnect the rest of the outlets. How do I go about doing that without burning down my house?
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If you have a new bathroom then you will have to run a new circuit for it. If you have eliminated the bathroom then simply connect the wires together in a junction box. The box will have to remain permanently accessible.
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The bathroom is still there and is on its own circuit. I only removed the shower and a closet to add room to my family room. The question I am asking is concerning the lights and outlets in the new wall for the family room.
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I didn't see any mention of a bathroom receptacle. If there is no bathroom receptacle on this circuit, then you can use it for whatever you want. But there are twenty ways to do this correctly and hundreds of ways to do it incorrectly. We don't really have enough detail to choose the best of the twenty. I suggest you read a few good books on home wiring, preferably ones with lots of colorful pictures. That should give you enough ideas to complete this project safely.
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Family room

After reading several reports and looking at some of the things that others had posted I came up with an idea on how to connect the light and the outlets to the light switch in my family room. Here are the details:

I took the black wire from the cable coming from the circuit box and connected it to the black wire from the cable going to the outlet and added a pigtail that I connected to the light switch. I took the black wire from the cable coming from the light fixture and connected it to the light switch. Then I took all the white wires and connected them together with a wire cap and took all the ground wires and added a pigtail to them and connected them together with a wire cap. I took the ground pigtail and connected it to the green screw on the switch.

What that gives me is a light switch that allows me to turn on and off the light fixtures in the family room and I also have two new electrical outlets in the family room that work independantly.

I am glad that I found this site as it was very helpful. My next project is to move the window in my family room to the east about 4 feet and to install a new window about 2 feet to the west of the existing window. Once that is done I will be adding a new wall in the family room. This new room will become a bedroom for one of my sons. I am going to also have to run new electrical circuit which I have already planned out. I also have to move the forced air duct into his room too.

With these projects you know that I will be back for more help.

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