GFI Breaker Question - 2 Pole or 1 Pole


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GFI Breaker Question - 2 Pole or 1 Pole

I am pretty sure I know the answer to this is NO, but I want to know.
I have a 220V outdoor circuit that is not services via GFI breakers and needs to be (its a pool motor).

One 2 pole 20AMP GFI breaker is very expensive
2 - 1 pole 20 AMP GFI breakers is actually cheaper.

Can I use 2 - 1 pole's ?
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They will trip.
They need the neutral line
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Thank you.
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I'd also like to add that any multi-pole circuit must be protected by a breaker that will open all ungrounded conductors {hots} of that circuit,GFCI or standard
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Ditto. You may NOT substitute 2 single pole breakers where a double pole breaker is required.

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