No grounds in the service panel.

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No grounds in the service panel.

I am installing a new 240 circuit for an ac but after running the 10# wire through the wall, I noticed that there is no ground bus bar with the exposed copper wires for grounds. I have a neutral bus bar that white wires are connected to but no grounds. I do not know what to do.

I am think that maybe the grounds are directly above the service panel in the wall. Maybe they are connected to something up there and not in the box. does anyone know if that is possible? I may just break open that wall just to see.

If anyone wants to see what I am talking about, I've posted a picture on the web. Here's the link.

Please, if anyone has any advice, let me know. Thanks!
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Where do you live?

Are the cables running into your panel 'armored' or are the wires in pipe?

There are areas where it is not legal to use 'romex' cable. In many of these area, the metal 'armor' around the conductors serves as the equipment ground, and the metal panel enclosure serves to connect these grounds. If you live in one of these areas, then you will need to remove your new cable and put in a proper one.

I presume that the orange cable that we see is your new romex cable. Note that if it is legal in your area, it must be clamped when entering the panel board.

Follow the thick black wire/cable that connects to the neutral bar at the bottom of the panel, and exits through the clamp at the top 6th from the right. Does this wire/cable go to a grounding electrode?

My guess is that you have a split bus panel. I suspect that it is wired as a main panel, with ground and neutral bonded at the bus bar to the metal case. However there is not enough information to be certain of this.

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I live in NJ.

The cables running to the panel are in the metal casing. What you are saying makes sense.

The romex cable in the picture is the newly run cable.

I will check out the thick black cable that you mentioned and post another reply.


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