GFCI Problem


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GFCI Problem

My home's GFCI is located in my garage. Yesterday, it kept tripping off every 10 seconds while I was using the outlet. I kept resetting it until it would no longer reset. I checked the breaker box and the circuit did not trip so I assumed it was a bad GFCI.

So today I replaced the GCFI and the new one does not work!!! It will not test or reset.


Thanks in advance for your time.

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Perhaps you mixed up "line" and "load". Did you pay attention to that when you connected it? Did you read the instructions that came with the GFCI that tell you how to differentiate line and load? Did you remember to turn the breaker back on?

Try disconnecting the load side wires and see if you can get it to work then. You may have a ground fault. We can address ways to diagnose that after you conduct this test.
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I mixed up the line and load.

Thanks for the help.

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