multiple wires, which ones to use?


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multiple wires, which ones to use?

we are trying to install a chandelier in our living room. When we looked into the electrical box we found not just the one black, one white and one green wires like the instructions said. In our box we have 4 black wires, 4 white wires, 4 green wires, and one red wire. All the wires of the same color were bundled together. Do we just use the bundle of 4 black wires and join the black wire from the chandelier and the same for the white and green? or are we supposed to take one wire from the bundle to join? Any help is very much
appreciated. thanks.
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Do you have a switch that doesnt control anything,, like at a doorway where it would normally be a light switch for this fixture? My guess that there is and the red wire is for a light. You need to test this wire, test red to the box and if it is live when a switch is on thats the one. Hook the black of the fixture to that and the white and greens in their respective bundles.
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yes there is a switch on the wall that is supposed to be used for the chandelier once it is installed. So if I am understanding you, we should attached the red wire to the black wires of the chandelier, and the green wires to the green of the chandelier, and the white wires to the white of the chandelier and leave the black wires in the box alone?? Sorry I am new to this, your help is very much appreciated!
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It's very probable thatThe Red conductors is switch-controlled and connects to the Black fixture-lead, the White fixture-lead connecting to the White conductors.

Hint---- connect a simple lamp-holder socket, such as a porcelian socket, to the Red & White wires prior to installing the fixture, and test for correct On/Off switch-control.

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!
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Yes, Cindy, it is almost certain that the correct solution is as you described.
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Thanks very much everyone. We sucessfully installed the chandelier using your instructions. You guys are great!

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