Light switch wiring question


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Light switch wiring question

I am a novice to say the least when it come to home electrical wiring. What I am wanting to do is change an exesting light switch to a combo light switch/outlet. I removed the faceplate and it looks as though the old light switch has two wires. The new switch/outlet has a 4 terminal wiring hook up. Can I change this over and how do I wire the 4 post with 2 wires?
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We need a more detailed description of the wiring in the existing switch box. How many wires come into the switch box in total (including ones not connected to the switch) and how are they connected?

If you have only two wires coming into the box, both of which are connected to the existing switch, then this project is not possible in the manner in which you have attempted it.
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OK, I had a better look. I have 2 sets of 3 wires each coming out at the box. Each set has a white, black, and bare copper wire in them. The two black wires (one from each set) is wired into the switch. The two white wires are twisted together and taped up. And the two bare copper wires are twisted together just sitting there. I hope this is a better description of what I have to work with.
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You can do this.
Take the two white wires and add a short 6 inch pigatil. Connect them with a wire nut not tape. Connect the other end of the pigtail to the silver screw on the combo unit.
Take the two black wires from the switch. connect one to the gold screw beside the silver screw. Connect the other to one of the gold screws on the other side of the device.
Connect the green ground to the bare wires.

If the switch controls the receptacle and don't want it to, then swap the two black wires.
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I installed just as you said and everything works great. Thank you very much.

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