Identifying (color coding) wires with tape?


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Identifying (color coding) wires with tape?

Is there a code on how you can/cannot color code wires for identification? For example: Can I pull three #12 white wires (in conduit) and identify a hot ground and neutral with tape? It seems if I remember a contractor doing this once upon a time.

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Yes, there are many codes covering this.

Grounding must always be bare or green along the continuous lengh. No reidentification allowed. Green and bare wires may never be used for any other purpose.

Neutral must always be white or gray along the continuous length, except when larger than #6, in which case reidentification of the ends is allowed.

Hots may be any other color. Reidentification of a white or gray wire as a hot is allowed only in a cable assembly (where you don't get to pick the wire colors), and only for 240-volt circuits and switch loops.

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