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Question pool light help

I'm attempting to wire a pool light to an older pool. I have the conduit running out of the pool to the yard and thats it. The wire is there but cut off. I know I need 12/2 wire and I have a breaker box for my hot tub with extra space. I need to add a switch and power.


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Go to the library and read article 680 of the National Electric Code.

Electricity and water are a potentially dangerous combination, and the rules for wiring pool lighting are _very_ strict. There are additional grounding and bonding requirements, junction box placement is mandated, wiring method is restricted, etc. What you think you know will get you in trouble, for example '12/2' will probably not be enough because of grounding requirements.

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Thanks for the info
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Unfortunately most times when folks hear that a job is very critical and needs to be done a certian way, other than what is generally considered typical, it is assumed that the one asking for help will just go out and do it their way anyhow.

Nobody who comes to sites like this wants to hear, "Call an electrician", or "Read a code book or trade book to see how to do it right". Most unfortunate is that this is not stated enough. In actuality that is what you SHOULD do.

It is very difficult to ask for the complete description of how to do a certian job. When we do our job it is based on the whole code book, not just one small article. The code covers broad areas of electrical wiring. What is allowed in one section may be taken away in another. What is allowed in one situation may be a grave violation in another. The insulated ground required for pool related equipment is one good example. Many folks would think, what's the big deal, I can use UF, when it is expressly forbidden.

A pool, especially a pool light, is no place to learn how to do electrical work.
If someone here tells you to read up on the subject, or call an electrician, don't take it personally. We are looking out for folk's best interest.

If you are still interested in doing this job, please read up, this page can be a big help:
Pool wiring
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Thanks for adding this. Sometimes I am perhaps a bit too brief in sending someone to the books.

I want to be clear: this is something that you _can_ do yourself. But it must be done correctly. Electricity can be dangerous in both obvious and subtle ways, and most of the electric code is _not_ there to make sure that things work, but is instead there to make sure that things remain safe when something doesn't work properly. There are many details to a _useful_, _safe_, and _legal_ installation, and a large part of these details are neither intuitive nor common sense.

The best way to use this site is to first get the necessary background, from reading books and reading previous posts. Then ask questions about the things that you don't understand. Finally, when you are about to do something new, write up a description of what you intend to do, what materials you intend to use, etc, and post it here for a plan review.

There are many people here, both experienced amateurs and professional electricians who are willing to help!

Good luck in your studies and future projects.

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