50 amp, pigtail


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50 amp, pigtail

when I wired my house, I pigtailed all the receptacle in that circuit. Now I want to add a welding machine circuit in the shop. I want an recetacle at each end of the bldg so I can move the machine as needed. The wire is #6 thnn in metal conduit.

Question: can you pigtail a wire this big, and what wire nuts would you use?

The boxes are metal boxes with flush covers.
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Although the word "pigtail" has no definition in the code, it is not the same as "connect". When you connect two wires, you do not pigtail them, you just connect them.

Visit your home center. They sell a variety of connector that can be used to connect #6 wires. If you're lucky, you'll find a knowledgeable person. Look for an old crusty guy in the electrical aisle. Don't bother asking the teenager. If there's no crusty guy there, browse around until he shows up, or come back later.
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what I meant was, cut a small section of wire, about three inches long and wire nut it with incoming wire and the outgoing to next receptacle. so it would be 3 #6 under one wirenut. Is this correct.

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