Need Help, Exterior light


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Need Help, Exterior light

I recently just bought a Regent Murcury Vapor security light ( it comes on automaticlly when it gets dark out ) . I installed it yesterday about 20 feet from the house on a 12 foot post. I would like to think I installed it correctly but something is wrong.

I installed the light on the post, ran one continuois wire from the light, down the post, ran it underground to a old shed about 45 feet away, then got my power from the shed.

The problem is, when I thought I was all done. I noticed the light was uneven. So I went up to the light and touched it and got ZAPPED !

The weird thing is the light looks to be powered coated, and the only parts that would zap me were the stainless steel parts, like the clips that hold the lens on and the little steel cover that reflects the light into the eye.

I took ever thing apart and leeoked it over, it seems to be good but it still is zapping me. What would cause this?

I tried to get the light to work during the day by covering the ( day/ night ) eye with my finger, it would not come on. It was starting to rain so I just left it. Ends up as soon as it got dark out, it works fine.

I did use the right wire and everthing is water tight. Now I'm just afraird of a bird landing on the light and being killed if his foot touches the steel clips, would that happen?
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After thinking about this for a while, it can only be one of 2 things.

Either the wire running under ground is cracked somewhere, which I really don't think it is. The wire is brand new and was told it could be run underground plus I was very carefull when installing.

I'm thinking it has something to do with the ground wire. I just remembered, the shed is an old in-law house from the 1940's and the cable going into from the main house has no ground wire.

If someone thinks this is the problem, how could it be fixed the easiest way?
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I wouldn't worry about a bird getting zapped. I would worry about a human getting killed.

You mess up somewhere, or the light is bad.

First, and foremost, this light should be GFCI protected. So should the shed. Provide GFCI protection to the shed and you will prevent the shock issue.

Now, completely check your installation. Did you use UF wire? What sort of protection did you use for this wire as it travels up the pole? How deep did you bury the wire? Did you make sure that the electrical connections are sound? Is the light properly grounded?
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Did you get the hot and neutral reversed somewhere? A hot neutral line would make the light work, but the frame would be energized. Racraft mentions some very important safety issues too. Please heed those warnings.

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