Celing Fan Replacement Wiring Problems


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Celing Fan Replacement Wiring Problems

I'm replacing a ceiling fan/light kit and for some reason can't get it wired properly. It is connected to a wall switch with separate slide controls for the fan and the light. The junction box has the four wires coming out:

1. Cloth covered with black extension (hot I'm assuming)
2. Cloth covered with white extension (neutral)
3. Two modern blue wires with red extensions. I am assuming that these are the wires from the switch.

The fan is brand new and has a white, black and blue (plus green ground).

How should these be connected? The instructions for the fan don't seem to cover the situation. Thanks!
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Before you start, check the fan labeling and instruction manual. Many fans will not work properly with a dimmer or speed control unless the switch is designed for the motor. You may not be able to use the switch you have.

The easiest way to check the wiring is to open the switch box and examine what is connected there. You can also use an analog voltmeter.
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Originally Posted by cdfree
.....I am assuming that these are the wires from the switch.......
Danger, Will Robinson!!

Never, EVER, use the "a" word when working with something that can cause great bodily harm.

if you don't know (or want to know) how to use a voltmeter there are all sorts of little testers you can get to quickly indicate hot wires. My favorite is the one you just hold next to the wire and it beeps and lights up when there's voltage. the advantage of that type is you don't need an exposed conductor to know if you've got a live one. Check all the wires with the switch in both positions and take notes.

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