Cable & Knockout clamps


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Cable & Knockout clamps

HI, when connecting NM cable clamps to the breaker panel knockouts for #12 cable is it ok to insert two runs of cable thru a clamp as long as it is not squished like a sardine. I'm going to use all 20 of my breakers but the top entrance knockouts on my panel only have 10 spots for clamps that are all 1/2" or 3/4" holes. Also, it looks so much neater from the top (but safety comes before beauty.) The knockouts on the sides and bottom are really large....maybe an 1&1/4" or larger. Are there some type of reducers that are sold to utilize these holes? Or can I double up the cable on the top holes.

Thank You.
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Most NM clamps are rated for two cables. Read the package to be sure.

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