Jacuzzi Tub Wiring ???


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Question Jacuzzi Tub Wiring ???


My step son & I are gutting the bathroom in his recently purchased house; & we will be re-wiring the room. His wife wants a Jacuzzi Tub...& although I'm familiar with wiring guidelines & codes...I've never hooked one of these babys up.

So my question is...are they hard wired? How should I go about this? (the floor & wall framing is now open...so I can approach this from any configuration.)

Any hints or tips would be appreciated.

Thanks very much,

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Pick the tub, then determine it's electrical requirements.
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I recently had a few questions about jacuzzi wiring and got really good advice on this site. Check out the thread that I started titled "EMT conduit as ground." Sorry I don't yet know how to include a link, but the topic was active just a few days ago, so it should be easy to find. Might be some useful info for your project.
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Typically these tubs have a cord & plug connected motor. I usually install a standard receptacle under the tub in the motor area, this area MUST remain accessible anyway. I feed this with a dedicated 20 amp branch circuit on a GFI breaker.
This is of course the motor requirements do not exceed a 20 amp circuit (most don't).
You will also need a #8 solid copper bond wire from the motor lug to a cold water pipe in an accessible area.
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Thanks everybody !!!...

Speedy Peety,

Decided I should actually go look at a few models to get a feel for how the guts are implemented...so I did so last night at Home Depot. Looks like the pump/motor is always opposite the drain (at least on rectangular models; & I was primarily looking at the 3' X 5' size.) Most of these had a rear access panel (directly on the tub's rear wall.)

So I'm thinking...Iíve never liked the idea of a flat, in-floor receptacle, so I'll probably go with a stand-up type. I can also leave a square opening in the plywood subfloor to get that #8 down to a grounding strap on the cold water feed.

The only problem now is...I'll probably have to have the size & layout specs on the tub when I reframe & sheath the floor (& redo the trap & drain line)...so as to be able to have everything fall at the correct location.

Thanks again,

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I do everything in the area of the motor. I install a regular nail on box to the framing under the tub or an adjacent wall.
The access needs to be big enough to get the motor out for servicing so there is always enough room for a receptacle somewhere. It can be exposed under the tub since this area will never be subject to physical damage.

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