Dead Outlets


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Dead Outlets

I just replaced all the outlets in my master bedroom. One is not working, and now the outlets in the living room are out, which I am assuming are on the same circuit as the dead outlet. I tried replacing the dead outlet with another and still no power. The circuit breaker was not flipped. I also tried the reset button in the bathroom and still nothing. The outlet worked fine before I switched it. The other outlets in the master bedroom are fine. I do not have a volt meter. Thanks for any help.
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Check the outlet just before the one that isnt working, problem could be there.
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It sounds like you may have a wire (or wires) that did not get reconnected. Oftentimes outlets will have two pairs of (usually black and white, or red and white) wires attached to them. One pair brings power into the outlet, and the other carries power out to other outlets "downstream." If you break this pattern then all the outlets downstream will not work. There typically is also a green or bare wire for grounding the outlet. If you do find an unconnected wire, make sure that you connect it to the correct screw or terminal of the outlet for its color.
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A connection has come loose or was not properly made, or you mis-wired something.

Check the connection before the one that you found dead. Did you make sure you put the wires on the correct side of the receptacles? Did you tighten the screw terminals tightly, and make sure all connections were snug? Were these brand new receptacles?

How come you did not know that your living room was also on this circuit. Shame on you. You should have your entire electrical system completely mapped out. You should know what receptacles, lights and devices are on each and every circuit, and which breaker controls each and every receptacle, light and device. If you don;t have this accurately mapped out, it could cost you your life. Take the time to do this some afternoon, SOON.

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