Dead Bathroom Outlet


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Post Dead Bathroom Outlet

The outlet in my bathroom went dead today while using the hairdryer. All of the outlets in each bathroom are now dead, but the lights work. The circuit breaker is not tripped.

I did replace an outdoor light on my deck which was working fine but won't turn on now as well.

Could I have screwed up the wiring in on the light? It was a simple black to black, white to white connection.

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The most likely problem is a tripped GFCI. A GFCI is a receptacle or a circuit breaker with a Test and a Reset button on it. The breaker would be in the main panel. The receptacle could be anywhere. Look for and press any reset buttons you find on any receptacles in the house.

Another cause could be a failed connection at a receptacle. Sometimes connections fail, especially if back stabs are used, If you don't find a tripped GFCI, check each and every receptacle on the circuit for a failed connection.
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I have located the tripped GFCI but it will not allow me to reset the the breaker. When I push the reset button it just clicks back out.

Any suggestions?
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First, go to your home center and spend $8 on an outlet tester, the kind that plugs in and has three lights.

You may have a ground fault. Ground faults are frequently caused by water. Perhaps moisture got in from recent rains (has it rained anywhere recently?), or from the kids playing with a hose, or from a vigorous bath.

Or you may, as Bob said, have a failed connection. Shut off the breaker and open up all the boxes on the circuit, and check all the connections. Move all backstabs (wires poked into holes) to the adjacent screws, and tug on all wires in wire nuts to make sure they are secure.

Or you may have a failed GFCI. Replacing it will cost less than $15.

The outlet tester can help narrow the possibilities, so tell us what it says when you plug it in.
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Thumbs up Dead outlets

Thanks so much for this great information. My husband and I were working on this very problem and you helped us solve the mystery. thanks again!


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