60 amp service


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60 amp service

At my fathers home he has 60 amp service with fuses and I will be moving into after some upgrades. I was wandering if I should upgrade my elec. to 150 or 200 amp service. What would be the benefit to go to 200?
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The difference in material between 150 and 200 amps is negligible, and the labor is the same.
100 amps is almost obsolete these days.
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Yes, you should upgrade the panel. Your insurance company may require it within a certain period of time.

Whether you go to 100 amps or 200 amps is up to you.

If they have to run new wire from the weatherhead or from the meter, then upgrade to 200 amps.

If the wire is sized now for 200 amps (not likely unless it was replaced) then go for 200 amps.

If the wire is sized for 100 amps then you have a decision to make. You could go to 100 amps and not replace the wire, or go to 200 amps and replace the wire. Either way, use a full size panel. If you go with 100 amps, use a panel that is capable of 200 amps so that if you have to upgrade later on you don't have to replace the panel.
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I had an experenced electrician come look at my service. He said 100 amp is suitable.
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Suitable for now. But consider the future. Going with 100 amps may preclude adding air conditioning, a hot tub, a welder, a tankless water heater, etc. without another upgrade in the future (which you definitely don't want). It also may make it more difficult to sell the house. If none of these things are possible, then go with 100. But you might at least want to ask what the price difference would be for 150 or 200.

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