Weird question of course!


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Weird question of course!

What causes the weird little black smudge looking marks on contacts, ie., a cordless phone has the two "connections" on the bottom of the phone that touch the charger......and i have seen some similar marks in the lower inner metal piece in three pronged surge protector outlets, i mean looking into the outlet, lower middle of the three prongs, the inside connection gets the same discoloration. curious is all. thanks.
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I would think moisture in the air
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maybe.........i do live in HUMID TAMPA FLORIDA! noticed smudges when replacing surge protector.....weird, inside the holes on metal half..........the phone i noticed a while back. maybe...............
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Oxidation may cause this......hmmm..think I spelled that wrong but it has to do with the contacts, moisture, oils from us touching them and so on as far as the metal contact points on the cordless phones.

I am so used to seeing the smudged BLACK marks on plugs from arcing or that would be my
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Its from dust in the air, it gets attracted from the electrical charge.
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no short or arcing as far as i know................i assume this is normal and a-okay stuff?

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