What does "Bonded" mean?


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What does "Bonded" mean?

I saw this posted on another thread and was wondering what bonded means.

"Make sure the boxes are bonded correctly at each point along the EMT segments."

Thanks Tim
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HI there...I'm no expert, but I do believe that it means this: "Make sure all the components of the EMT system are connected properly, such as tightening all the fittings, offsets, connecters, or anything metal along the EMT path that connects one part of it to another part. I'm sure you will get a more professional explanation, but I believe it to mean this. Especially if one is only using 2 conducters (only the black & white wires) inside the EMT, the bonding becomes essential because it is also your ground. I apologize for any mistakes I may have told you and I will humbly understand any corrections to anything I have explained.

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Hi Bob53. That makes sence. Thanks....Tim
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The term bonding refers to metal pieces which are connected together in such a way that both pieces will always be at the same electrical potential. In you example, the junction box and the conduit. If the box became energized due to a fault, and it was not bonded to the conduit, it would present a shock hazard. Hopefully the conduit system is properly bonded all the way back to the panel where it is bonded to earth (ground). In the main panel, the neutral bus is bonded to the ground bus so the neutral will be at groung potential.
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essentially it means connected together. But here we are looking for a connection that provides very low resistance to curret flow, sometimes this is done with wire as well as metal connections.
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"Bonding" implies forming a monolithic Grounding structure so that there is Zero volts-to-Ground at any metallic surface that encloses any objects that conduct electricity, and any metallic surface ( ducts, water-lines)that may become "energized".

For example, "Bonded" together at a structure which is "detached" from the stucture where the Service is located would be--- the Feeder Equiptment Grounding Conductor (EGC)---- the EGC's of the circuits extended from the panel-- the Grounding ELectrode Conductor---the metallic surface of the panel-enclosure--- metallic water and gas lines which extend from non-metallic "supply" lines to the structure.
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Thank You all

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