Wire size


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Wire size

What size of wire should I use to run underground from the meter to the house that will handle at least 200 amp. Thanks
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A #3/0 copper wire should be able to handle 200-225 amps. Of course, if you have afford to spend a little more $$$, always remember that the larger the wire the less resistance. So, if you can afford a #4/0 copper, go for it.
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If you are refering to simply installing from the meter cab to the service panel I am not sure I would run Copper.......have you seen the prices of copper in this market.....

The code allows ( Table 310-15(b)(6) allows 4/0 AL to be run and is much cheaper.......if a back to back install simply 4/0 SE and if remote 4/0 SER and a disconnect at the meter.....but since you did not elaborate on the actual panel we will assume it is back to back install.....then 4/0 SE will do fine.

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