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Electric Line

Is it ok to run AL from the meter to the service panel under ground, and is it advisable to put it in plastic pipe. Thanks
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Sure you can run AL to a service and underground.....Now it depends on the pipe issue because in many areas they run Tri-Plex which is rated for direct bury and is also AL wire.

I think the issue that always concerns people on AL wire has been taken care of a long time ago. It used to be a concern in the past in regards to 14 AWG being AL and possible fire hazzards.....but really is not a concern in larger AWG wire sizes and has been used safely for years.

Now again the pipe depends on the type of wire you intend to run, for example if you were feeding a panel from a remote meter or hot gutter and running THHN you would have to protect it in pipe....no brainer their and with the advent of the new specs of the code you are again in a issue where even Schedule 80 may be required which is different than lets say simple plastic pipe....

The code is direct on this........but their is direct bury wire which most utulity companies use underground....and it is rated for it and not protected in pipe but again it is 3 feet down as well...and when it does begin to exit the depth it is required to be protected as well in Rigid or Thinwall prefered but their are other allowed protections.

Hope this answers your question.....as it is not as simple black and white answer....depends on the wire you are using and the installation.

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