New (To Us) House - Useless bedroom "light" switches


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New (To Us) House - Useless bedroom "light" switches

We moved into a new house about 3 months ago.
None of the three rooms have built-in lights of any kind.

I expected at least one half of one outlet in each room to be controlled by the switch near each door. This was the case in the master bedroom.

However, in the other two rooms, the light switch does NOT control any of the outlets.

I pulled the switches out of the walls, and they look similar to all other switches in the house, as do all outlets in both rooms.

None of the outlets have tabs that were broken, nor appear to have 'extra' wires in them.

Any ideas, or suggestions as to what I should be looking for?
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The wiring in the master bedroom should be similar to the wiring in the other bedrooms.

How are the receptacles in the master bedroom wired? Is the switched half receptacle via a switch loop? Is there an extra wire to all the receptacles? How many wires does the switched receptacle have, and how are they connected?

The wiring for the other bedrooms should have been similar, but was probably disabled because the switched receptacle was not desired. Thoroughly investigate the switches and the receptacles, and you will probably find that the switch was bypassed, or the receptacle was replaced, or the wiring was changed.

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