Wiring and Ductwork


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Wiring and Ductwork

Hi all,

What are the regs regarding elec wiring and ductwork (how close can they be)? I'm curious if the wiring passing just below the ducts in the ceiling of the basement is a problem. They do touch. Do the wires need to be routed over the ductwork, or is under and touching ok? Even though its under the ductwork, its still w/i the confines of the ceiling (putting up drywall wouldn't be hindered). Hopefully, I gave enough detail on this one!

This should be a softball for you guys!

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No particular rules. As long as the cable is protected from physical damage, you can probably do any of these.
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lol........You posted
This should be a softball for you guys!
Ok.....John's at the plate....here's the pitch and SLAM....his answer was right out of the park correct....

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