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Unhappy Lighter plug

I have a car TV, can the lighter plug be changed to an AC plug? How?
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I don't get it. Car TV's have plugs that go into lighter sockets. Doesn't yours?
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I have a car TV, can the lighter plug be changed to an AC plug? How?
Answer- No you can't unless your unit has the ability to switch between AC and DC and would come with BOTH cords...and based on what you stated you have only (1) plug coming from it and it is designed for your vehicle and probably has an inverter in it of some kind....

If the TV is not made to be directly hooked up to 120V then nope....leave it alone and do not try to convert it...if you need a 120V tv....a small one is CHEAP today........not worth you cutting up a good vehicle TV....

If you just have to have it work on AC....then get a converter that converts 120V AC to 12 VDC and hook it up that way.
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I'm not following. Does your car TV currently have a cig. lighter type plug on it, and you want to use it in your home?
If so, go to radio shack (or equivalent) and buy an AC to DC converter/rectifier like
Be sure that you buy one with enough ampacity
If on the other hand you have a regular TV that plugs into your home, but now want to use it in the car, try something like this inverter
Again, be sure that you buy one with enough ampacity.
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This adapter goes directly from 110V AC to a cigarette lighter receptical. No need to make ANY modifications. Just check to make sure its output is sufficient for your TV.

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