220 circuit for washer


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Cool 220 circuit for washer

Been a while since I've done any wiring....I'm very handy, have done appliance repair and air conditioning work in a business I owned but occasionally need a kick start to the brain....like now.

I'm going to install an electric dryer where there was previously gas before. Gas is capped off and checked for leaks ....all good. What I need to get caught up on is :

1. What size service (wire)should I be running from the panel to the outlet?
2. Is there a breaker specifically for this application?

I'm fairly sure I'll remember the specifics of "how to" in getting the 220 from the buss bars to the breaker once I pull the cover off the panel....if not, I'll be adding to this post.

Hey, I'm a machinist by trade...anything I can help anyone with (advice or info wise) would be my pleasure.

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10/3 with ground type NM cable (three insulated conductors, one bare ground conductor), assuming NM is allowed where you live, protected by a 30 amp breaker 240 volt breaker. The breaker must be made for your circuit breaker panel, but is not a special type.

The black and red wires are hot wires, the white is the neutral and the bare is the ground. Install a four hole type dryer receptacle.

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