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Electrical Question

First I would like to welcome myself as I am new to the site and we just purchased our first home. we just bought a 40 gal GE electric water heater to replace the gas water heater in the house. the old gas water heater was the only thing in the house that runs off of gas, and we were told by the gas company there is a leak in the gas lines somewhere, so we decided just to install an electric water heater. I installed the water heater, but the electrician cant come for a week in a half to run wire to the unit. the water heater sits right next to the dryer 3 wire/prong 220/110 outlet, and I was wondering if it would be possible to wire the water heater to the 220 phase of this until the electrician comes or if this is a really bad idea and we should just take cold showers for the next week or more . any help would be appriciated.
btw..we dont have a dryer yet
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Since a water heater is an appliance, I see no reason why you can't do this. Check with your electrician on code restrictions that would prevent this.

Also make sure the correct gauge cord is used rated for the amperage of your heater and properly secured at the junction box atop of the heater. Make sure your wall outlet and plug also carry the same ratings. Keep your cord under six feet in length.
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I might be too late, but this sounds like a very bad idea. First of all, you did not say what size the breaker is protecting your dryer circuit and how many amps your water heater draws. Not to mention exposed (albeit temporary) splices.

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