Panel & sub panel replacement


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Panel & sub panel replacement


We have a main panel & 2 sub panels.

The main panel has the "pull type" fuses & 4 glass fuses below.

The 2 sub panels have 2 glass fuses each.

I'm looking at having the panels replaced... Should I be concerned about the age of the house wiring? I think the house is about 50+ years old.

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50 year old wiring is not necessarily a problem. Look at the wiring that attaches to these three fuse panels. How does it look? If it seems to be in good shape and has all the insulation intact then it should be okay. However, if it looks brittle and has the insulation falling apart, then it needs attention.

When you get quotes from electricians to have this work done, and I recommend three quotes, ask the electrician to comment on the wiring. He or she will have to look at it anyway, since they would have to (by code) replace any cables that are damaged.

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