Garage vent fan


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Garage vent fan

Would a wall vent fan like this bathroom wall fan be acceptable to mount in an attached garage, to give a little extra ventalation for exhaust, moisture, etc.
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I'm not sure what you mean by acceptable. Sure, you can mount a fan like this in a garage. However, do not under any circumstances rely on it to remove exhaust.

The only way to remove exhaust is to not let it into the garage in the first place. Use a flexible pipe to attach to the exhaust pipe which is then run straight outdoors.

As for moisture, I don't think a bathroom fan (even a large one) will have nearly the capability needed for a garage (even a small one).
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I wouldn't count on it to remove exhaust with the car running in the garage, just some extra ventilation for the small amount of exhaust, fumes that come from parking the car in the garage after shutting the door.
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Although I cannot point to such fans, I have read about exhaust fans specifically designed for garages. They automatically run for 15 minutes after every time the garage door is closed.
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You may want to look at a gable fan also. They're designed for ventilating attics and move a LOT more air than a bathroom fan would (300cfm versus 3000cfm). I think you can get a pretty hefty gable fan for like $50.

Then, install it on a rotary timer like the kind in hotel bathrooms. Park the car, turn the knob, and the fan will run for 15 mintues.
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Placement of the fan is critical. If you are planning on just using the fan to remove heat, mount the fan high on the wall, or in the roof. If you plan to use it to remove any CO from car exhaust, the fan should be mounted, or ducted so that the intake is near floor level.
I feel that you will need A LOT more CFM than a bathroom fan could provide. You might want to check with Grainger (if you can buy from them) or ebay for a larger fan.
Lastly, don't forget makeup air. If you plan to only use the fan with the garage door open, you should be ok. Otherwise, you should install a relief vent to admit air into the garage so the fan doesn't overload.

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