Electrical timer for outlet


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Electrical timer for outlet

Ok this might sound strange. There is an outlet in my klitchen that we have two small aplliances plug into, and i want to put them on a timer. instead of putting each individual item on its own timer is there a timer that I can install into the outlet?
Its fien if they are set to go on and off at the same time.
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There are certainly external timers you can buy, and then you could use a power strip.

You can also buy timers that mount into junction boxes, but you would probably have to expand the box from single gang to double gang (or whatever).

Any time you use would need to be rated for the power you intend to run through it. For kitchen appliances this might be quite a bit.
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It might be cheaper and safer to just buy a coffee pot with a built-in timer. I don't think this is a good idea unless the appliances you are controlling are designed to be used unattended, and thus have a timer and automatic shutoff built in. Unattended cooking causes a LOT of house fires; what if your timer sticks "on"?

What appliances do you want to control? I assume a coffee pot, but what else?

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