Power in Car


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Power in Car

I am looking at tapping into my car's power for some toys I have (PDA, and such). I'd like to make it look nice (not like Homer Simpson did the work) so I'll be putting in a custom dock for the devices. One device i will be using has a current draw of 2 [email protected] What guage wire is best suited to the task? As an aside, what's the rule for running DC power (draw:wire guage)? Any suggestions?
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I would use the same wire guage/fuse settings as for AC wiring.
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Voltage drop is a much bigger issue with low voltage. Anything over 7 feet and you need to derate. Otherwise use the same gage wire as AC.
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Thanks guys. At the risk of sounding like a complete mook, are there any online giudes that I can browse that can point me in the right direction as far as fuse ratings for power draw, wire guages and such? I have a couple of electrical books, but they aren't that helpful. I'm not going to re-wire my house or anyhting, Id just like to know to satisfy my own curiosity....

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Answered my own question...


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