NM clamping opinions, please?


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NM clamping opinions, please?

Current wiring in 1956 house uses a lot of JB's in the attic crawl space. They're not large enough by today's standards and not covered at all. I will also need to use JB's to rewire. I've almost decided to go with larger metallic JB's based on my layout. Thinking of the hot confined space in the attic, what are your opinions of the Arlington Black Button clamps for use in these JBs? Or should I use the standard clamps? Or should I go with something else?

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While there are no screws to tighten and no locknuts to deal with, they can be a pain to remove if you ever need to do so. You also need to make sure your cable is strapped well or you can end up pulling the slack into the box while trying to strip the NM. But they do come in handy in certain situations.

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