heard the dumbest? thing


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heard the dumbest? thing

Okay, you guys are the electrical people, so I need your advice.

I had a TV receiver get hit with lightning, along with the LNB, about 2 weeks ago. I replaced the receiver first, since I KNEW that it was fried. That's when I discovered that the LNB was also damaged ("no signal").

I called the manufacturer and the help lady agreed that I needed to get a new LNB, but here's the weird part: She told me to replace all my coaxial cable because it might be holding a static charge. I was thinking, "Dang, I'll just lick it, and it'll be fine." Have you ever heard of that????? (Not me licking a cable, but replacing it for held static charge. )
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Ignore that advice.

Now understand that cable can be damaged, and you might find that it is, in which case you would need to replace whatever is damaged. But it's not holding a static charge.
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You mean I licked it for nothing?

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