hot water heather


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hot water heather

Hi guys
I need some info.
I have a gas heater right now in the attic between the master bedroom
and master bathroom (some smart @#$ architect)
I want to cancelled it and replace it with a electric one in my garage.
I have a spot near the breaker panel.
Whats the distance for the tank to be away from the panel?



PS don't hire this architect
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There's no minimum distance required. Just make sure that you have sufficient electrical capacity in your circuit. In most areas, the electric one will cost more to run, and the recovery time will be twice as long. That's something to consider if you have a large family.
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There is not an explicit minimum distance requirement between the panel and any load. However there is a clear workspace requirement to permit someone to have easy access to the panel, so you can't put the heater right next to the panel, unless you were to somehow arrange for the heater to be _behind_ the panel

Working from poor references and memory here: You need to keep a space 30" wide, 36" deep, and 6'6" high entirely clear in front of the panel, and then the space above the panel must be left clear for electrical wires; no plumbing there. Any panel door must be able to open at least 90 degrees.

John is right: gas is cheaper and faster than electric. You might consider replacing the current heater with a small tankless job. They cost more to buy, but heat rapidly, you don't run out of hot water. You don't pay to keep a tank of water hot, and they are physically much smaller than the tank heaters. Also you won't have to wait for the hot water to go a long distance through the pipes.

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Thanks guys for the info

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