Recessed JBs - problem?


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Recessed JBs - problem?

In the bathrooms of my 1956 house there are very small metal boxes (jiffy boxes?) for the switches. These were set without regard for the mortar and ceramic tile that went on the walls. The face of the jb is recessed about 1/2" to 3/4" from the surface of the tile. Extra long screws are used to hold the switches in.

I am rewiring the house and don't want to miss anything...

Do I need to install box extenders? Or am I OK since the material is non-flammable?

Also, in some places (corners) the tile overlaps the edge of the box opening space because it wasn't cut right. Is this a problem? I would prefer to replace the boxes like I am everywhere else, but I'm not sure about cutting the tile etc.

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Since they are recessed more than 1/4", you need the extenders even though the wall material is not flamable.

It is not required that the boxes be removeable.

A rotozip with a carbide tile bit can easily trim the tile enough so that you can get the box out if you want to.
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Thanks John!!! I was afraid the boxes were way too deep.

I've got a rotozip and a carbide bit, but the bit says it's for plaster and cement board, not ceramic tile. I'm headed to store anyway - I'll check out bits for tile!!!

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