smoke alarm question


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smoke alarm question

I had a drop ceiling installed over the weekend and I'm a little curious if the way the smoke alarm is attached to the new ceiling is correct - or if I should be doing something differently.

Basically - he cut a hole for the smoke alarm in one of the tiles, pulled the smoke alarm junction box off of the ceiling, and then attached it directly to the tile(basically he sandwiched it between the tile). The smoke alarm is a 120V and interconnected to the rest of the house alarms. I just wasn't sure if I needed to secure the alarm to the grid or if I needed to pick up a different kind of junction box and rewire it.

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That should be fine. This is basically how recessed lights are added to drop ceilings.

As long as the electrical connections are done in the junction box, that is OK. The smoke alarm and junction box do not weight much so you do not have to worry about sagging ceiling tile.

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