1/2 in. Breakers


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1/2 in. Breakers

I have an old GE 100 amp panel (1965) that it seems to me that it will not accept 1/2" breakers. Can this be the case, or do all panels accept the 1/2 and 1" size?
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Some panels will not accept tandam breakers, usually they list them and the location for them in the cover. I have one GE panel with some in it, not sure how old it is though. I believe some panels have certain spots to put them in??????????
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Do a google search for 'CTL Breaker', and you will find the story of these tandem breakers in old panels.

What you need to do is examine the panel label, which should tell you how many circuits are permitted in the panel. If the panel allows more circuits then there are spaces for full sized breakers, then you can use tandem breakers. The panel schematic will also often provide a clue; on the label you should see something that looks something like a ladder, where each circuit breaker is a rung...if you see 'double rungs' at the bottom of the schematic, then this pretty much indicates the use of tandem breakers.

If you determine that your panel is rated for tandem breakers, then you need breakers marked 'Replacement Use Only - Not for CTL assemblies'.

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Will do, thanks for the reply

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