220 dryer to 220 range


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220 dryer to 220 range

I have a problem. I had a 220 line in the basement for a electric dryer, then a previous tenant, drilled a hole in the kitchen fllor and brought the 220 line upstairs for use with an electric range, the problem is when you touch the range and the kitchen counter you get shocked??? We did have to replace the cover of the 220 outlet so that the prongs on the electric range matched up, but didn't change the guts. How do I correct this problem and what do I need????
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Turn off the breaker now and call an electrician. You should never use a dryer circuit for a range. It is not large enough.
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Dontcha hate it when someone tells you to call a Pro for something as simple as a "itty bitty shock"?

Trouble is - Joed is 100% right in my book. Basic electrical stuff isn't difficult.... but problems that might kill you or burn your house down are out of my league.......

Or... you could just cook all your meals in your dryer.....
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An electric range requires a 40 or 50 amp circuit. An electric dryer is only a 30 amp circuit. You have a serious problem here.

A shock when touching the range means that it is not wired properly. You have a serious problem here.

Either replace the wire yourself or call someone to do it. But turn off the breaker until you fix the problem. You are risking killing someone by leaving it turned on.
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Not only do you have the very dangerous shock situation; but you have changed a receptacle to allow a 40 amp device to be plugged into a circuit that is wired for 30 amps. SO, the only question is will you live through the fire, or be dead on the kitchen floor of electric shock before the fire breaks out.

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