crimping and water seal wire


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Talking crimping and water seal wire

I have a powerline to my well that must be weather proofed. I have the crimper and heatseal. I have never done this so need your help. My husband had spliced the wire and sealed it but it only lasted a few months. How do I go about getting the 3 wires crimped. I KNOW TO TURN OFF THE POWER FIRST. I do know how to do some wiring, plugs,rewire a lamp, but a new cord on an appliance. I will also test the splice before I bury it. Thanks
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If you expect a crimp connection to be reliable (especially in a hostile environment) it must be done properly. for reliability you need to achieve something refered to as a "gas tight crimp". What this means is that you squeeze the wires and connector together so tightly that there is absolutely no spaces left for gas (e.g. oxygen) to penetrate (usually several thousand lbs force). no oxygen means no oxidation, and no failure. A good crimping tool costs several hundred dollars, and MUST be used with the manufacturers connectors its die was designed for. What kind of tool do you have, and what kind of wires are these, stranded i hope. also a good crimp connection will withstand about 60 lbs of pulling force before failing.

perhaps soldering would be a better option if you do not have a good tool. a soldered connection well cleaned afterwards to remove all corrosive resin residue followed by heat shrink tubing is quite reliable.

there is also a product on the market which is a piece of heavy heat shrink tubing with a ring of glue on each end and a ring of low melting point solder in the center. just put the wires in, heat with a heat gun and you end up with a very reliable sealed connection. I dont recall the manufacturer, but your local electrical supply house should be able to get them.

good luck
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crimping and water seal wire

Thanks I will do the last one with heat shrink.
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They also make an epoxy to patch damaged insulation on underground wiring. We have used it at work a number of years ago, i am not sure if they make a sleeve big enough that it will cover a crimped connection or not tho.

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