attic fan


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attic fan

do attic fans need to be on there own looking into installing one and was wondering if they could be tapped into existing wiring in sure size of fan has a lot to do with it,so id like to know if i got a smaller size and maybe 2 of them on 2 different existing circuits i could save work that way rather then running new line up from basement.thanks for any help...
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An attic fan does not necessarily need to be on its own circuit.

The general rule is that 'equipment fastened in place' can take up no more that 50% of a general purpose circuit.

A large attic fan only uses a few (2-4) amps. So it won't be a problem on most circuits.

However it is still a motor load, and could dim lights when starting.

Also if the circuit is already heavily loaded, this might be what pushes it over the edge.

But if you have a lightly used general purpose circuit, you can tap it for the attic fan.

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Great post Winnie.......excellent information and I just will add the Article as well Art 210-23A
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A couple things I regret not doing when I put in my attic fan:

1) A disconnect in the attic near the fan. I have some promblems with the motor, and an attic disconnect would have allowed alot easier troubleshooting instead of up/down, up/down to turn breaker on and off.

2) I should have installed either a switch or an empty box and coverplate so that I would have easy access to throw on a clamp-on ammeter without having to climb into the attic.

Save your warranty mailing information and sales slip. You may need it. I know mine has a 5 year warranty. I had to have the motor replaced at 12 months.

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I agree with Mr Fix.....In all cases like this I would suggest that you put a single pole switch to control the fan. This will allow you the ability to service the unit and not have the issue as Mr.Fix has stated as well as a form of disconnect for the fans.

Just make sure you are 100% aware of the fans you are putting in the attic and read and re-read the manuals to know the requirements for them before you tap into any circuit.

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