230v/115 v Question


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230v/115 v Question

I have a 115/230 AC pump that I am trying to wire up the a 115v power cord. I have made the adjustments on the motor to select 115v. It is rated at 19 amps at 115v. I have a 20 amp circuit I will be plugging it into.

My question is how do I wire up the 115 v power cord. The motor has Black, Red, and Green coming off of it. My power cord has black, white and green.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to look at the wiring diagram for the motor. it will tell you how to connect the wire. You need to figure out which connection on the motor is for the neutral, and which is for the hot wire. The green wire is the ground.

However, I am concerned about this setup. Why are you not direct wiring this? Why are you using 120 and not 240? You do realize that you will need a dedicated 20 amp 120 volt circuit for this, don;t you?
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Thanks for the quick reply.

It is for a temporary purpose. I need to pump out an inground pool before I demolish it. It is a dedicated circuit. It is actually my washing machine's dedicated circuit that I unplug while I plan to run it. I do have a deicated 220 breaker that teh pool equipment was once hooked up to. The problem is it is approx 100+ feet from where the pump needed to be. I will look at the diagram again but it seemed to say move this jumper to the 115 v setting and that was it.

If undersatnd where you are going with your question....whatever my hot wire from the motor would need to be hooked up to my black on my power cord and the neutral will be to my white and Green to my ground (green).
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You may be able to get away with the black and white wires connected either way to the black and red wires.
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You may have problems popping the breaker if the pump is rated at 19 amps. The starting current is much large; also a 20 amp circuit should only receive a continuos load of 16 amps max.
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Thanks again for everyone's help.

I actually have a 220 dedicated circuit(the circuit where all the pool equipment was). It has 4 wire red, white, black, and ground. How would I hook up the pump if I set it back up to 220? I have black , red,and green coming off the pump.
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You guys were right. It kept popping the 20 amp breaker so my only hope is to hook it up to a 220 line. I just need to know how to hook it into the 4 wire I have coming from the breaker.
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You should have 220 across the black and red wires.
Use the black, red and ground.
You don't use the white, place a wire nut on the white and tape it.
And reset the wires for your motor to 220 volt operation.

You did say "temporary purpose"
Just a safety note:
if your 220 volt line is setup with Hi amperage circuit breakers you my not have the protection for your motor or any accidental shorts.
Remember water and electricity don't mix.

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