Subpanel Disconnect


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Subpanel Disconnect

I have a new subpanel in a garage (seperate structure) that is going to be fed by 6-3 wire (with Ground). As I was preparing to run my trench and locate my line into my main breaker box for the house, I noticed that I have an existing 240 volt circuit with a 50 amp breaker that is not being used. The circuit runs to an exterior disconnnect that was initially installed for a heat pump. The heat pump has been removed....Thus, can I connnect my Sub-panel feed into this disconnect to save me the hassel of feeding the line under and through the house to the main panel?

If so, I am wondering about how to wire the disconnect. I currently have 6-2 w/ground from the main panel to the disconnect...and...I've already purchases 6-3 w/ground to run to the subpanel. I know that my positive leads need to be connnected to the load side of the disconnect and that my ground will be attached to the bar...but what about the white?

Good idea?...or should I just bite the bullet and run it through the house?
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You cant use the 6/2G to connect up with the 6/3G at the disconnect...the 6/2G has no neutral therefore no way to supply 120 volt loads. So you might as well go with your first plan. You can probably use the 50 amp breaker though depending on the garage load requirements. Arent to many garages that require more than 40 amps. You would just feed the subpanel 50 amps. I am assuming here that it is a 60 amp panel or bigger since you are running 6/3G to it.
There are a lot of bases to cover when installing a sub-panel so why not spend some time reading this....

It should have a pictorial of your situation.

Post back with your questions after reviewing this article.

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