Several Questions


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Several Questions

How many recepticals can I cascade off of one GFCI? They used to have an instruction sheet in them, the ones I got today don't.

Does a garage door opener count as a permanent appliance, and not require GFCI protection in a garage?

There is also a small freezer in this garage, does it have to have a single recepticle to use the GFCI exemption?

Thanks for the help.
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Sometimes a manufacturer will state how many receptacles can be run off the load side of the GFCI, but that is about all you will find, if that. Code does not impose a limit. In reality, unless you are talking about a really strange setup, you won't run into a problem in a typical home installation.

Generally speaking, a garage door opener is plugged into a receptacle mounted in the ceiling or rafters, near the opener, and therefor does not require a GFCI, since it is not general purpose.

Most inspectors would allow a non-GFCI duplex receptacle for a refrigerator or freezer in a garage, as long as the receptacle is behind the appliance and therefor not accessible for other loads. Some might require that it be a single receptacle, and just about all would require it if the receptacle were exposed.
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The only issue I see with doing this is over long distances and needing a lower gauge wire to be able to take the load of all these outlets with minimal power losses due to the wire. If you run a some sort of heavy duty motor say an aircompressor on the end of the branch with a bunch of other things being power this can pose problems. Voltage drops across the wire will pose power issues with an electric motor. For this reason I want to hunt down the electricians or engineer that signed off on this for what was done where I live and show them where my foot can fit.

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