Conduit for future use

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Conduit for future use

I am working on putting in a back yard. Sometime in the future I plan on running power to my shop which will involve laying wire though the back yard. Is it OK to install the conduit and cover it up now and run the wire through when I get ready to put power into the shop? Will the Inspector want to verify that the conduit is 18 inched deep? I just want to avoid having to dig up a lawn that I just installed.
Thanks for the help.
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Yes, that is an excellent idea. Around here sometimes the inspector WILL want to verify the depth of the conduit; you should make sure before burying it.

If you can afford the slight extra, run a bigger pipe than you think you need; you never know what you'll want in there later.

Then again, maybe the inspector will think you're planning on future electrical work without permits/inspections just because he sees the pipe now.

Depends on where you are and who you have to deal with.
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I'd ask your AHJ what he/she wants to see.
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As added insurance, I'd dig the trench, lay in the conduit, put a yardstick in the trench on top of the conduit, and take some pictures at various points along the trench. The inspector in the future might accept the pictures as evidence of proper depth. Make the phone call and ask (although the guy you ask will be gone when you do the future project and the inspector at that time will be somebody else).
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Here's a thought...

If your shop is already built, go ahead and lay the conduit. Put a single receptical at the end, mounted to the exterior wall of the shop. Have that inspected. If there is no shop yet, perhaps you could install a small pole (4x4 or such) and mount a receptical on it. `

That way, your conduit is inspected now. When you add power later, you are modifying an existing install that's already passed a previous inspection. I would think that only the modifications would require inspection.

The inspector may wonder why you put in 2" conduit for one 20 amp circuit, but...

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