Wiring mismatch?


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Wiring mismatch?

Hello, I'm trying to wire a new exhaust fan/light in my bathroom. Two switches.. I will also need to keep a third switch for a lighted mirror. Question is, I have metal wrapped, 2 wire power coming in but the schematics of the fan/light show 4 wires coming in to the unit. The wires are ground/white/black and red. I imagine the connections can be made but, does it matter if instead of metal sheathed wiring I use Non-Metal cable to come out to the fan/light? I was told the metal sheathing in the 2-wire cable is the ground. So, if the electrical box also has a green screw in it, can I connect the green NM wire to it and be safe?
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Sounds like you are describing BX cable. If so, then the outer armor is also the ground. It's not used around here anymore, in favor of MC cable, which has a green, insulated ground running inside with the conductors.

If Romex is allowed, and I assume it is, then there's no problem that I see. Run 14/3 between the switches and the fan to power the black and red wires separately.
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Hi there. Thanks for the reply. Now...what is Romex? I found 12-3 metal cable. Picked it up 'cause it had the right number of wires. Can I use it?
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"Romex" is a term commonly used for inside (NM or non-metallic sheathed) house wiring that is not armored.
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It depends on where you are. The 12/3 MC cable is fine.

Some jurisdictions(Chicagoland most famously) don't allow NMB, and perhaps limet use of metal clad "flex", favoring rigid conduit.

Don't forget the antishort bushings.

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