Running wires close to other wires


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Running wires close to other wires

I'm running romex between studs placed very close together- some of them are as close as 2 5/8" apart (it's an old house- 1926- and there's some unusual framing, especially at the corners). As I'm trying to avoid knocking down too much lathe and plaster to drill holes and fish wire, it would be much easier to run several wires in the same stud bay in some rooms.

Are there any restrictions on how many wires can be run together? For example, can I run 3 wires in a 4" stud bay? Since I'm not able to staple each wire all the way up the stud, as I've only cut access holes at the top and bottom of the wall, the wires will "dangle" together and touch at certain points.

Are there any problems with this? Also, in one room the new romex will be run (if it's legal) so as to cross and touch a live knob & tube wire (encased in loom). Is this permitted? If not, is there a minimum distance the new romex has to be from a hot knob & tube wire?

Thank you for any help on this.
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I not an expert on residential codes, but I don't see how there can be a restriction on the number of romex cables in a stud bay. After all, usually the bay with the panel in it with have all of them for the whole house. And I've certainly seen dozens in the same bay around here in new construction.
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The only thing you need to worry about is the number of NM cables entering the same hole. The wires need a little bit of room to expand, so leave some room in each hole.
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i found this article about all that electricle stuff. i hope it helps

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Thank you very much for the help.


Good point about the number of wires seen bundled together in new construction. I forgot about that completely. Sometimes you get so caught up in these remodeling projects that take forever and you lose track of the rest of the world.


I didn't consider expansion so I'm glad you mentioned it. Actually I drilled 3 separate 5/8" holes to run 3 wires in a stud bay. This is a non-load bearing wall, so I figured I wasn't compromising the integrity of the top plate too much. But maybe I should have drilled a 1" hole and run all the wires through one hole, as there'd be room left for expansion and it would look a lot neater.

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The one about replacing a cord's plug is particularly need to worry about which wire connects where because its alternating current. Wonder why the old plug had one prong wider than the other then? And what if the reader is replacing a grounded plug? "I think I'll connect this green wire to this silver prong. After all, its impossible to get alternating current wrong."...ZAP

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