dimmer switch


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dimmer switch

I've just installed six incand. recessed light fixtures (luminaires) on a 20 amp circuit
w/ 12ga. romex cable.
Circuit power is switched by a photo cell. Dimmer switch coming off hot side of photo
cell to control brightness of these under the soffit lights.
All my work is done by code, but dimmer is not dimming the lights, only working
as an on/off.
Dimmer is a leviton slider rated at 1500 watts. 20amp.
Total load on circuit is 360 watts. ( six sixty watt bulbs)
Should I toss the Dimmer or put a meter to it.
Any Ideas???????
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When a dimmer only turns on and off and won't dim, it usually means that the dimmer is fried. Dimmers are pretty easy to fry, especially if you ever miswire them in the course of installation. For this reason, I often recommend that DIYers get their stuff working with an ordinary switch before swapping in the dimmer. You might want to move the dimmer to some simple light fixture to see if it can work anywhere else. If it does the same thing on your dining room light, buy a new dimmer.
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hey, sorry it took me so long to reply, but thanks for the info.
Heres the result.......During the wiring of these lights I had tightened the wire
clamp on one of the fixtures too much. It was causing an arc and tripping the breaker .
I know now this is what fried my dimmer switch.

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Thanks for getting back to us.

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