Dimming Electric


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Dimming Electric

Hello everyone, I tried a search on my problem but my skills are minimal and I came up with nothing. Just this summer {I have been in the house 6 years know} when a large appliance; ex dishwasher, A/C, electric oven, or microwave; come on all the electric in the house dims. The lights dim and you can hear reduced power in other electric appliances. What would be causing this? Nothing else in the house has changed. I do know when the house was inspected before I bought it the inspector told me I had aluminum leads to the main panel. If that is the cause, how can I repair it or is that something that my electric supply company should deal with? At a prior house I added breakers in the box and ran new lines throughout the house so I have basic knowledge and understand the urgent need for safety when in the box.

Thank you All,
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You will need the services of an experienced electrician.

A corroded AU connection could be located on the "Line" and "Load" terminals of the meter-socket, and on the "Line" terminals of the "Main" circuit-breaker.

It's important that you understand that all these connection-points are directly connected to a utility power-source and should be percieved as being without "Fault-protection". If an un-experienced person caused a "Fault", such as a "Ground-fault", there would be "fireworks" because the large fault-current which can be destructive.

Also, there is no simple means to dis-connect, or isolate these points from the utility power when working on the connections.

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!!!!!
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This is sometimes completely normal. Since you indicate that the problem started this summer, there is a good chance you are on a heavily loaded transformer. When you and all your neighbors have the air conditioners on, the power supply is stretched to its limits. You could call your power company, but they will probably not come out unless this dimming is very severe.

Warning signs of this being abnormal dimming include: sparking/popping sounds near the breaker box or meter, "hot" smells near the box or meter, breakers or meter box feels very warm/hot to the touch, strong flickering with the dimming, and unexplained tripping of the main or other breakers. If any of those are happening, you may have loose connections in the breaker box or meter that need to be evaluated by an electrician.

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