Outlets not working


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Outlets not working

Two electrical outlets in our uptstairs bath just stopped working. We flipped all breakers and still no juice. These are the only things that aren't working. All lights and other outlets in the bedroom are working. The only thing I can think that might have done this is that I accidentally sprayed water in an outside outlet - the cover wasn't closed. Would that cause damage to two outlets all the way upstairs from that outside outlet??
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If your home was built to code, the outlets in the bathroom are on a dedicated and GFCI protected circuit. Sounds like you blew the GFCI trip. It should reset easily... one or both of the outlets in the bathroom should be so equipped.
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Depending on the age of your house the GFCI could be in
another bathroom
the basement
the garage.
outdoor receptacle.
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old house no gfci in bathroom

There is a GFCI on one outlet outside (not the one I got water in) I tried resetting it - but that also did nothing. Guess it's time for an electrician?
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Does that outside receptical you sprayed water in work now?
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You likely need to completely dry out that receptacle first. Because it's a closed box, it can stay damp in there for a long time. Take the cover off the box and use a hair dryer (plugged in somewhere else) to dry out the box. Then try to reset the GFCI.

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